Your Vida AI phone agent can be embedded into any website so your visitors can talk and interact with your Agent just like they would over the phone.

Here is an example code that embeds a Vida AI phone agent into a web page:

	  -- data-agent = the vida agent username you want to embed (required)
	  -- data-welcome = text that will be shown when hovering over the widget. Default: "Talk to our AI!"
	  -- data-size = "expanded" if you want the widget pre-expanded without needing hover
	  data-welcome="Talk to our AI!"
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
	<script src=""></script>

Explanation of data fields

  • data-agent: The Vida agent username you want to embed (required).
  • data-welcome: Text shown when hovering over the widget. Default is “Talk to our AI!“.
  • data-size: Use “expanded” if you want the widget to be pre-expanded without needing to hover.

CSS and JS File Locations

Make sure to include the correct CSS and JS file locations as shown in the example:

  • CSS:
  • JS:

Example web page

Here is a link to a live example web page: Vida Widget Demo

Live example

Below is an example of an AI agent embed.

Code on Github

Want to change the styling or functionality of our embeddable agent widget? Checkout this Github repo and fork and go wild!

By embedding your Vida AI agent, you can enhance your website’s interactivity, allowing visitors to engage with your AI agent directly from your site. Explore other helpful articles and guides to make the most out of your Vida AI phone agents and transform your business interactions!