Welcome to the Vida Agents section! Here, you can explore your Agent’s capabilities as well as various use-cases. See how Vida AI phone agents can enhance your business communications.

Setting up your Agent

You can edit your agent by logging into your account and clicking the “Edit agent” button on the left-side navigation.

Edit agent

Agent options

See below for a list of options available to make your Vida AI phone agent perfect for your use-case.

  • Instructions: Set clear and structured instructions for your AI agent to handle various customer interactions.
  • Functions: Enhance your agent’s capabilities by integrating various functions like scheduling and handling service requests.
  • Links: Give your agent access to external sources like FAQ or product pages to provide accurate information.
  • Voice: Choose from a variety of AI TTS voices to best represent your brand and communicate effectively.
  • Greeting: Define what your agent should say when it answers the phone or chat to set a welcoming tone.
  • Language: Select the language your agent should understand and respond in, with options including English and Spanish.
  • Contacts: Sync your mobile contacts with the Vida app to allow your agent to recognize and manage calls from known contacts.

Use-Case examples

Each example below will guide you through the setup process, providing step-by-step instructions and best practices to tailor your AI agents to your specific needs. Explore our examples to see how Vida can transform your business interactions!

  • Restaurants & Food: Manage reservations, orders, and customer inquiries seamlessly.
  • Retail: Provide product information, handle queries, and improve customer service.
  • Home Services: Schedule appointments, handle service requests, and more.
  • Professional Services: Automate client interactions, bookings, and follow-ups.
  • Beauty & Salon: Manage appointments and client interactions efficiently.
  • Logistics & Warehouse: Streamline operations with automated responses and updates.

Have your Agent ready to go?

Once you have your agent configured like you wish, it will be time to share and publish your agent. Check out our publishing guide to get your Agent out into the wild working for your business!