Your Vida AI agent can integrate with the contacts on your mobile phone, provided you have the Vida mobile app installed and have granted the necessary contacts permissions. This integration enables your AI agent to recognize when a contact is calling, offering a more personalized and efficient handling of your calls.

Setting Up Contacts Integration

To enable contacts integration:

  1. Install the Vida Mobile App: Ensure you have the Vida mobile app installed on your device.
  2. Grant Contacts Permission: When prompted, allow the app to access your contacts. This is crucial for syncing your contacts with Vida.

How Contacts Integration Works

Once set up, your contacts will be synced with Vida, allowing your AI agent to identify and handle calls from your known contacts in specific ways. You have two primary options for managing how your contacts interact with your AI agent:

  1. Direct Routing to You: Contacts can bypass the AI agent entirely and get routed directly to you. This is useful for important calls from family, friends, or key business associates.
  2. Ignored by Vida: Contacts can be ignored by the AI agent, allowing you to manage these calls manually.

By configuring these options, you can ensure that your AI agent handles calls according to your preferences, providing a seamless experience for both you and your contacts.