Webhook actions allow your Vida AI phone agents to interact with external systems dynamically. By configuring webhook actions, you can fetch and send data to various endpoints, enabling your agent to provide up-to-date and context-specific information to callers.

Adding a Webhook Action

To add a webhook action to your agent:

  1. Log into your account and navigate to the agent editor.
  2. Click the (+) button in the Functions section and select the “Webhooks” action.

Webhook function

Configuring the Webhook Action

Once added, you need to provide instructions to the agent on how and when to use the webhook. You will specify:

  • Conditions: Describe under what conditions the agent should send the HTTP request.
  • HTTP Method: Specify whether it should be a GET or POST request.
  • URL: The endpoint the request will be sent to.
  • Parameters: For POST requests, define the JSON payload to be sent.

Example Instructions

Here is an example of how you might configure a webhook action:

- **Condition**: When the caller asks for the latest news headlines.
- **HTTP Method**: GET
- **URL**: https://api.news.com/v1/latest-headlines
- **Parameters**: None for GET requests.

- **Condition**: When the caller wants to book an appointment.
- **HTTP Method**: POST
- **URL**: https://api.scheduler.com/v2/appointments
- **Parameters**: {
    "name": "[Caller Name]",
    "phone": "[Caller Phone Number]",
    "date": "[Preferred Date]",
    "time": "[Preferred Time]"

- **Condition**: When the caller requests product availability.
- **HTTP Method**: GET
- **URL**: https://api.store.com/v1/check-availability?product_id=[Product ID]
- **Parameters**: None for GET requests.

Use Cases

Webhook actions can be used in various scenarios:

  • Fetching Real-Time Data: Get the latest information such as weather updates, stock prices, or product availability.
  • Submitting Data: Send customer information or booking details to your CRM or scheduling system.
  • Dynamic Responses: Provide context-specific responses based on data fetched from external systems.

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