Key Features

Vida provides everything you need to build powerful AI Voice and Messaging agents that work seamlessly over calls, texts, and the web. We provide phone numbers, PSTN connectivity, real-time ASR, and LLMs via our proprietary platform. You won’t need any other communications API services to build your app!

  • Web Socket Support: Connect to Agents via Voice over WebRTC and subscribe to events over WebSocket.
  • PSTN Connectivity: Phone numbers, PSTN calling, and SMS messaging without needing another provider like Twilio.
  • Powerful LLMs: Built in support for LLMs from OpenAI, Claude, Meta, Mistral, or your own.
  • Conversation History: Access call logs, transcripts, recordings, and conversation history via API.
  • Quick Setup: Create lifelike AI agents with simple instructions.

Advanced Capabilities

Vida’s voice agents are lifelike and realistic with low latency, premium text-to-speech, and powerful LLMs.

  • Low Latency: Sub 1 second interactions for realism.
  • Interruption Handling: Smooth management of interruptions.
  • Custom Voices: Choose or clone realistic text-to-speech voices.
  • ASR Vocabulary: Your agent can recognize unique keywords.
  • Live Transcripts: Real-time conversation transcripts and audio recordings.

Carrier Grade

Vida’s proprietary platform makes it simple to integrate into existing telecom systems with native SIP support.

  • SIP In/Out: Route calls to your agent over SIP to integrate into existing VoIP networks and platforms.
  • SIP IP Whitelisting: Manage access to your dedicated inbound SIP addresses.
  • SIP over WebRTC: Use libraries like SIP.js to embed your Agent into web pages.
  • SIP Registration: Register via SIP to receive forwarded calls from your Agent to any VoIP device. Your agents can also register to any external PBX as a VoIP device. (coming soon)

PBX Platforms

Vida seamlessly integrates into any existing business phone system via SIP.

  • Netsapiens: Direct integration with the Netsapiens platform! Configure AI agents for customers with ease!
  • Metaswitch: Coming soon.
  • Broadsoft: Coming soon.

If you are a reseller for one of the platforms mentioned above or any other telecom system, reach out to for integration assistance.

Get started

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