Welcome to the Vida Functions section! Here, you can explore the various actions that Vida AI phone agents can perform to enhance your business communications.

Available Functions:

  • Webhooks: Fetch dynamic information from your backend systems, such as current product availability, pricing, or service details.
  • Call Transfer: Transfer calls to human employees for complex queries or immediate assistance.
  • Take a Message: Record messages from customers when specific staff members are unavailable, ensuring no important information is missed.
  • Send Email: Automatically send email notifications to team members about important calls, inquiries, or bookings.
  • Schedule: Integrate with Google Calendar to automatically schedule appointments, consultations, or other events, reducing the need for manual follow-up.

Setting Up Functions

You can edit your agent’s functions by logging into your account and clicking the “Edit agent” button on the left-side navigation.

Agent functions

Each function can be configured to meet your specific needs, providing a seamless and efficient experience for your customers.

Explore our functions to see how Vida can transform your business interactions!