The Send Email function allows your Vida AI phone agents to send emails with transcripts and summaries of conversations they handle. This ensures you receive detailed information about each call or message for further action or record-keeping.

Adding a Send Email Function

To add a send email function to your agent:

  1. Log into your account and navigate to the agent editor.
  2. Click the (+) button in the Functions section and select the “Send Email” function.

Send Email function

Configuring the Send Email Function

Once added, you need to provide instructions to the agent on how and when to use the send email function. You will specify:

  • Conditions: Describe under what conditions the agent should send an email.
  • Email Recipients: Provide the email addresses where the summaries should be sent. By default, the email will be sent to the address on file for your account, but you can add additional email addresses.
  • Content: Any specific information you want summarized in the email.

Example Instructions

Here is an example of how you might configure a send email function:

- **Condition**: When the agent completes a customer service call.
- **Email Recipients**: Send the email to and
- **Content**: Include a summary of the conversation, highlighting key points and any follow-up actions required.

Use Cases

Send Email functions can be used in various scenarios:

  • Customer Service: Send transcripts and summaries of customer service calls to the support team for follow-up.
  • Sales Leads: Email summaries of sales inquiries to the sales team for immediate action.
  • Support Requests: Forward details of technical support requests to the appropriate team or support queue (like Intercom) for resolution.

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