Build AI-powered apps with AI-powered numbers.

Build world-class, spam-free communication apps with Vida's AI-powered communications API. To get started, check out our documentation.

Everything needed to build AI Voice Agents

Vida provides everything you need to build powerful AI Voice and Messaging agents that work seemlessly over calls, texts, and the web. We provide phone numbers, PSTN connectivity, real-time ASR, and LLMs via our proprietary platform so you don't need any other API services to build your app.

Web Socket Support

Connect to your agents via webrtc in the browser and subscribe to key events over websocket.

PSTN Connectivity

Vida provides phone numbers, calling, and messaging at rates that can't be beat. No need for Twilio!

Powerful LLMs

Configure your agents to use powerful LLMs from OpenAI, Claude, Meta, and Mistral or even bring your own.

Conversation History

We keep track of call logs, transcripts, recordings, and conversation history so you don't have to in your back-end.

Get started in minutes

Simply give your agent instructions and try it out! We give you everything you need to make a lifelike and realistic AI agent in minutes.

Lifelike voice agents out of the box

Vida's voice agents are lifelike and realistic with premium text-to-speech and powerful LLMs.

<1 second low latency

Lightning fast interactions create a sense of realism that can't be matched.

Interruption Handling

Vida agents recognize when interruptions occur and smoothly handle them.

Custom Voices

Choose from hundreds of different realistic voices and even clone your own voice.

ASR Vocabulary

Make sure your brand's unique keywords and phrases are recognized by our speech-to-text ASR system.

Live transcripts

Get a copy of the complete conversation transcript in real-time. Audio call recordings are also provided.

Carrier Grade

Vida's proprietary platform makes it simple to integrate into existing telecom systems with native SIP support and an open payments protocol.

SIP402, finally

Vida's open implementation of SIP402 lets carriers reduce risk with real-time settlement.

Turn spam into profits

AI enabled Telecom spam is going to 100x but Vida's combination of AI+Payments provides a solution.

Native SIP In/Out

Route calls to and from Agents via SIP. Provide customer context to your agents via SIP headers. Plug Vida's AI into your existing network in minutes.