Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we’re hearing from prospective businesses. If there’s anything missing, please let us know by sending us an email at
What is Vida?
Vida provides AI voice and messaging agents for SMBs, SMEs, Developers, and Individuals via its in-house proprietary platform. Answer calls and texts with AI that always works and is never busy.
What is a Vida number?
Your Vida phone number goes straight to your AI-powered Vida Agent. By signing up for a Vida subscription, you will have the option to select a local Vida number.
What are some use-cases that Vida AI Agent's are useful for?
Vida agents can be used for sales, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, customer support, and more!
How do I create a Vida AI agent?
To create a Vida AI agent, describe what you want the agent to do, select a local number, and the AI will handle calls and texts for you. No coding skills are required.
Can Vida integrate with my existing business processes?
Yes, Vida agents can schedule appointments, score leads, take orders, create support tickets, and more, integrating seamlessly with your current processes.
Is my business phone number safe with Vida?
Yes, you can keep your primary number spam-free with call forwarding. Vida can handle unwanted calls and forward necessary ones.
What features does Vida offer?
Vida offers calendar and contact sync, takeover mode, call recording and transcribing, mobile and web monitoring, local number selection, call forwarding, and custom AI voices.
How does Vida handle multiple calls?
Vida AI agents can handle thousands of simultaneous calls, ensuring your business is always available.
Can I use Vida with my existing cell phone number?
Yes you can have your mobile phone forward calls to your Vida agent. Calls from your contacts will ring to your phone just like normal, while calls from unknown callers will be sent to your agent. Configure mobile forwarding in the app.
Can my Vida Agent handle texts on my personal cell phone number?
Your Vida Agent is only able to handle texts sent to your Vida Number. Your Vida Agent is NOT able to handle texts on your personal cell number (although it can handle calls on your personal cell if you configure call forwarding in settings).
Call Forwarding not working on iOS 17.
Apple's 'Live Voicemail' is a new feature introduced in iOS 17 that provides real-time transcription of voicemails as they are being recorded. However, when enabled, this feature can interfere with third-party call screening apps like Vida by rerouting calls away from them. To ensure Call Forwarding to Vida functions effectively, you need to disable Live Voicemail in iOS. This can be done by going to 'Settings', selecting 'Phone', tapping on 'Live Voicemail', and then switching the toggle to the off position.
How do I disable Vida call forwarding on my mobile phone number?

For AT&T or T-Mobile: dial ##004# on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Verizon, Alaska Communications, or MetroPCS: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Boost: dial *38 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For US Cellular: dial *720 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For C Spire: dial *77 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Cricket: dial *740 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For C Spire: dial *77 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Mint Mobile: dial ##62# on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Spectrum Mobile: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For StraightTalk: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Xfinity: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

How can I contact Vida support?
If you wish to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns, please send an email to and an account rep will respond to you. We try to do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48hrs of receipt.
What does Vida do with my personal information?
At Vida, we prioritize the security and management of your personal information with utmost care. When you use our platform, we securely store the data you provide and information related to your activities to enhance the product experience. Please see our terms ( and privacy ( for more information.
What types of payout or withdraw methods does Vida support?
Vida supports earning and rewards payouts and withdrawals via Lightning, Venmo, Paypal, and Stripe.
What should I do if I see inappropriate content on Vida?
You can flag any content that you find inappropriate and sent to Please put 'Flagged Content' in the subject line.
How do I add funds to my account?
You can add funds to your Vida Wallet by going to settings in the app, Select Wallet, Select 'Receive' and then enter in the amount you'd like to add. Vida accepts all major credit cards.
What is Vida's refund policy?
Vida does not offer refunds.
Where can I view Vida's Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, Copyright & Trademark Policy, Data Processing Guidelines, DMCA & GDPR Compliance Guidelines, Security & Reporting Guidelines, etc
What is the Vida website?
Vida's website is located at
How do I login?
You can login to Vida with your email or phone number. The Vida login process does not use passwords and instead, we use one-time passcodes that will be sent to the details you provide. To log in to the web or mobile app, simply enter your preferred login method and we'll send a one-time passcode. If you do not immediately receive the one-time passcode, please check your spam folders or promotions tab for any messages from Once you receive the passcode, return to the login screen and enter the 6 digits provided.
How can I delete or deactivate my account?
If you wish to deactivate your account, please go to Settings > Account > Scroll to Bottom in the Vida mobile or web app. Be sure to disable call forwarding to your Vida agent before deactivating if you are using that feature. Once an account is deactivated it cannot be recovered, and all associated data will be lost.