Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main Vida website URL?

The Vida website is located at

How do I earn a referral reward?

Referral rewards are paid if a new users signs up with your link and reserves a Vida number (which requires a US mobile number). Referral rewards are held for up to 30 days so Vida can verify the authenticity of a referred user. Referred users must have verified and active US phone numbers, have an active Vida phone number, and be present in the US. Once a referred user is validated, the reward will be paid and available for withdrawal.

How do I login?

You can login to Vida with your email, phone number or Nostr address. The Vida login process does not use passwords and instead, we use one-time passcodes that will be sent to the details you provide. To log in to the web or mobile app, simply enter your preferred login method and we'll send a one-time passcode. If you do not immediately receive the one-time passcode, please check your spam folders or promotions tab for any messages from Once you receive the passcode, return to the login screen and enter the 6 digits provided.

Why does Vida use one-time passcodes instead of passwords?

To enhance the security of your account, Vida replaced username and password logins with secure one-time passcodes that are emailed to you. One-time passcodes prevent unauthorized access to your account by hackers who may have obtained your password on another site.

How can I delete or deactivate my account?

If you wish to deactivate your account, please go to Settings > Account > Scroll to Bottom in the Vida mobile or web app. Be sure to disable call forwarding to your Vida agent before deactivating if you are using that feature. Once an account is deactived it cannot be recovered, and all associated data will be lost.

What is a Vida number?

Vida is the AI-powered number and email that blocks unwanted spam by gating who can reach you. After you download the Vida app, you will have the option to select a free Vida number. Once selected, you will be able to engage with your Vida AI Agent, which can help screen unsolicited callers while ensuring high priority messages and calls from your contacts come through.

Does my Vida Agent screen texts on my personal cell phone number?

Your Vida Agent is only able to screen texts sent to your Vida Number. Your Vida Agent is NOT able to screen texts on your personal cell number (although it can screen spam calls on your personal cell if you configure call forwarding in settings).

Do I get paid for all spam calls I receive?

Some of the spam calls you receive are from automated Bots that are not capable of paying your Vida rate to access your inbox. Other spam is from spammers who do not value your time. For spam like this, your Vida agent simply blocks the spam and deposits it into your Agent managed inbox which can be safely ignored. You will get paid from real solitations from Brands or real people that value your time are willing to pay your rate. These calls and messages appear in your Priority inbox in the app and you will clearly see that they have a payment associated with them.

Can I use Vida with my existing cell phone number?

Yes you can have your mobile phone forward calls to your Vida agent for screening. Calls from your contacts will ring to your phone just like normal, while calls from unknown callers will be screened by your agent. Configure mobile forwarding in the app.

Call Forwarding not working on iOS 17.

Apple's "Live Voicemail" is a new feature introduced in iOS 17 that provides real-time transcription of voicemails as they are being recorded. However, when enabled, this feature can interfere with third-party call screening apps like Vida by rerouting calls away from them. To ensure Call Forwarding to Vida functions effectively, you need to disable Live Voicemail in iOS. This can be done by going to 'Settings', selecting 'Phone', tapping on 'Live Voicemail', and then switching the toggle to the off position.

How do I disable Vida call forwarding on my mobile phone number?

You can find instructions in settings in the mobile app, but here are the dial codes below:

For AT&T or T-Mobile: dial ##004# on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Verizon, Alaska Communications, or MetroPCS: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Boost: dial *38 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For US Cellular: dial *720 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For C Spire: dial *77 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Cricket: dial *740 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For C Spire: dial *77 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Mint Mobile: dial *##62# on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Spectrum Mobile: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For StraightTalk: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

For Xfinity: dial *73 on your mobile phone (not in the app).

How do I change my Vida Number?

Unfortunately your Vida number cannot be changed once selected and assigned, as it is tied to your Account. If you absolutely need to change it you can reach out to

How do I change my authentication or contact Number on my Vida account?

Unfortunately your contact or authentication number cannot be changed once your account has been created. If you absolutely need to change it you can reach out to

How do I change my Profile?

Go to the tab labeled "Profile" in the Vida app and select the icon in the right corner to edit your profile. From there, you can configure your profile picture, Name, About description, and link your social accounts.

How can I contact Vida support?

If you wish to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns, please send an email to and an account rep will respond to you. We try to do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48hrs of receipt.

What does Vida do with my personal information?

At Vida, we prioritize the security and management of your personal information with utmost care. When you use our platform, we securely store the data you provide and information related to your activities to enhance the product experience. Please see our terms for more information :

How do I earn on Vida?

With Vida, you can earn just by engaging with the app! Each time you're contacted by someone new, your Vida agent answers on your behalf to find out what the sender wants, and the sender can pay a per message or minute rate to attempt to reach you.

Why must I enable push notifications?

In order to earn on Vida, you must have push notifications enabled in our app. By agreeing to accept push notifications, you hereby approve our delivery of electronic communications directly to your mobile device. These notifications may include information regarding your account and other related recent transactions. The notifications may be delivered to your device even when the App is running in the background. You have the ability, and it is your responsibility, to control the notifications you do, or do not, receive through your device. It is your responsibility to keep your account information secure when using this feature.

What browsers does the website support?

Vida support Chrome, Safari, Brave, DuckDuckGo and many other browsers

What are the earning Tiers and how do they work?

Your earning rates on Vida are based on your Tier. The more you engage on Vida, the higher the tiers you'll unlock, allowing you to earn even more! You can also sign up for Vida Pro to set your own custom contact rates.

How can I earn money on Vida?

Vida rewards users for their time and attention. The more you engage, the more you'll earn.

What types of payout or withdraw methods does Vida support?

Vida supports earning and rewards payouts and withdrawals via Bitcoin Lightning, Venmo, Paypal, and Stripe.

How can I check on the status of a Stripe withdrawal?

You can login to your Stripe Connect account here: Stripe Express Login

Do I have to pay taxes on any money I earn on Vida?

We cannot provide tax advice. Please contact your accountant for tax related inquiries in your jurisdiction.

How do I find people on Vida?

You can search for people on Vida by going to the chat tab in the app

What should I do if I see inappropriate content on Vida?

You can flag any content that you find inappropriate and sent to Please put "Flagged Content" in the subject line

Can I invite friends to join Vida?

Yes, we encourage you to invite friends and you can even earn for each friend you invite!

Is Vida free? How do you make money and what are the fees?

Vida is a free service. We also offer a premium Vida Pro option that lets users customize their rates in addition to other extra features.

How do I add funds to my account?

You can add funds to your Vida Wallet by going to the Wallet tab in the app, Select "Receive" and then enter in the amount you'd like to add. Vida accepts all major credit cards.

What is Vida's refund policy?

Vida does not offer refunds of any fees for funds added to your account.

I accidentally sent money to someone by mistake - how can I get it back?

Vida does not offer any revocations and we are unable to pull funds back after they have been sent so please be sure to double check before transferring any sats from your account!

Where can I view my transaction history?

You can view your transaction history by going to your Wallet in the app, and selecting the arrows on top right corner.

Where can I view my analytics?

Details such as your Earnings Tier and other pertinent account information can be found in your Profile tab.

Where can I view Vida's Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, Copyright & Trademark Policy, Data Processing Guidelines, DMCA & GDPR Compliance Guidelines, Security & Reporting Guidelines, etc

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

What is Vida?

We're building the world's first pay-to-contact phone book, where AI connects people willing to be paid for their time and attention.

Why should I use or care about Vida?

Vida offers users a way to get block spam and paid for their time and attention. Rates per minute or message are set algorithmically and are based on a person's demand to be contacted.