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Grow your business with AI phone agents that are smart, helpful, and available 24/7.

Make your small business look big with an AI phone agent.

Unlock the power of AI to handle calls for your business. Transform every call into an opportunity with AI that's always available. Boost revenue, enhance productivity, and delight customers.

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Quick to learn and ready to take calls in minutes.

Vida agents learn from instructions. Just describe what you want your agent to do when people call or text, and Vida will take care of the rest. No coding or technical skills are required. Give the agent your website, upload a doc, and Vida will learn from it.

Thinks and responds like a real human employee.

Vida agents engage with your customers just like a real person. Agents converse to understand problems, gather information, and triage solutions. Connect your agent to external data sources and let it solve real problems for your customers.

Integrates with your existing business processes.

Give your Vida agents actions to perform during conversations. Your agents can schedule appointments, score leads, take orders, create support tickets, route calls to employees, and more.

Works with your existing business number too.

Connect your agent to your existing business number by settting up call forwarding. Your agent will answer unknown callers so you don't have to. Known contacts will go to you directly.

Connects with over 7000 other apps and services.

Our app integrations empower your agent to do things like create leads in Salesforce, send messages to Slack, or schedule maintenance in CoxAuto's XTime.

Always available.

Handle thousands of simultaneous calls without picking up the phone. Your AI phone agent never sleeps, never gets tired, and is always available to answer calls.
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Everything you need to scale your business phone with AI.

Calendar Sync

Let your agent know when your team is available.

Contact Sync

Let your agent know who is a recognized contact.

Takeover Mode

Take over conversations from your AI--send messages and make calls yourself.

Record & Transcribe

See what your AI agent is saying during calls.

Mobile & Web

Monitor your agents anywhere.

Local Number

Pick a custom, local number.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls on your existing number to your AI.

Custom Voices

Choose from dozens of AI voices to fit your business.

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