Vida Pro

Power up your AI-powered number.

For pros that want to do even more with Vida.

Make your number work for you.

Vida Pro agents can be customized to do more than just screen spam. With just a few lines of instructions, agents can perform complex tasks like handling support or qualifying leads. Connect Vida to your existing workflows and customize your AI for any scenario. Try talking to an AI to see what it can do.
Qualify New Leads
+1 (209) 437-2537
Action Oriented

Trigger actions within conversations.

Tailor your AI's responses for scenarios using natural language instructions. Simply explain what you want your AI to do, and Vida will handle it. Your AI can converse with customers, schedule appointments, qualify leads, and more.

Give your AI access to external knowledge.

Add external data sources from around the web. Your AI will read the content, understand it, and use it to answer questions. You can also add your own data to make your AI smarter and more helpful to people that contact you.

Anything you can do, AI can do better.

Connect Vida to your existing business processes by triggering actions during conversations.

Open Tickets

If a customer has an issue, open a support ticket.

Schedule Meetings

Route to Other Numbers

Score Leads

If a lead gets qualified, add them to your CRM and send a follow-up email.

Trigger Webhooks

Integrate with external apps by triggering webhooks.

Grant Rewards

Create a team of agents to handle different tasks.

Customizable, just
for you.

For people with large audiences like pros and influencers, Vida Pro gives you more control over your agent and how it responds to conversations.

Disable Agent-Skipping

Remove the option for people to skip your agent.

Customize Agent-Skip Rates

Set how much you charge to skip your agent.

Customize Your AI Voice

Select from a variety of AI voices.

Create Multiple Agents

Orchestrate a variety of agents for different situations.

Frequently Asked Questions